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2014 NAPLAN Results Released: What Do They Show?

Today, ACARA released its preliminary summary of the 2014 NAPLAN results. Here’s what they showed. THE GOOD Reading results improved for students in Year 3 & 5 from 2008-2013. These improvements have been maintained in 2014. Results for grammar & punctuation improved for students in Year 3 & 7 from 2008-2013. These improvements have been […]

you matter

You Matter Campaign

It’s likely that I don’t know you, but if you’re reading this, it’s also likely that you are a teacher, hence I can confidently say – you matter. The You Matter campaign was started by Angela Maiers and it worth joining. Here is how it relates to you as a teacher. Most teachers choose their […]


WARNING: Are You Guilty of Teacher Malpractice?

I have taught for many years, and I know how hard working and caring most teachers are – yet I am not surprised that people are starting to question whether some of these dedicated teachers are guilty of malpractice. Personal confession – I have been. A professional is guilty of malpractice when they go about […]

test results

How Test Results Should Be Used

Today I read a disheartening tweet from Justine Ferrari (National Education Correspondent for the Australian) about teachers changing kids’ answers on national tests so it looked like they were performing better than they were. The tweet was referring to an article entitled Wrong Answer in the New Yorker. It tells the story of how teachers […]

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