Evidence Based Teaching Can Help You

Welcome to Pinnacle Community – a place for teachers who care about helping their students excel.

Pinnacle exists to help you, help kids.

Here, you will find practical advice on how you can be even more effective in your role – advice about evidence based teaching that is grounded in hard research.

Pinnacle Promotes Evidence Based Teaching

Practical Advice On Evidence Based Teaching

Pinnacle promotes an evidence-based approach to teaching. Evidence-based teaching:

  • Offers you insight into what works, or more specifically, what works best – insight that is based on systematic study, rigorous research and impartial conclusions. It treats teaching as a science, which enables you to make decisions about how you go about your work in schools on the best available scientific evidence.
  • Is independent of all-encompassing educational theories, systemic solutions and personal philosophies of teaching. While proponents of specific approaches seek out evidence to support their views, advocates of evidence-based education examine all the available research – and they let the evidence fall where it may.
  • Is self-correcting. As new evidence emerges, advocates of evidence-based education readily let go of past assumptions and embrace new practices. We are not slavishly devoted to particular practices – even the ones we currently preach. Rather, we let ourselves be guided by ongoing research. If new research reveals a better way, we readily follow this new insight.

Pinnacle offers you practical advice. As a past teacher and principal, I understand how busy you are, and that you don’t have time (let alone the inclination) to wade through mountains of dry and dusty journal articles. The good news is you don’t have to. I do it for you and turn all the research on evidence based teaching into practical, trustworthy advice that is quick and easy to read. I share this advice through Pinnacle.


Australian Professional Standards for Teaching

Increasing your knowledge of evidence based teaching is a core aspect of the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching.

We help you do that while also equipping you to transform your insights into practical enhancements in the way you go about your work.



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