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discredited teaching practices highlighted by durham university

WARNING: You Need To Weed Out These Discredited Teaching Practices

A recent report by the Sutton Trust and Durham University recommends that we need to weed out discredited teaching practices from the classroom. But what practices are they talking about? The answer may surprise you. Many of the discredited teaching practices are quite popular, but the evidence behind them is anecdotal and selective. It’s like […]

Kevin Donnelly

What To Expect In Australia’s New Curriculum

The federal government is set to release its long awaited report on the Australian Curriculum on Monday. The report is the final result of a government-commissioned review conducted by Ken Wiltshire and Kevin Donnelly. Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect the report to say.   Expectation 1: Fewer Subjects The review is […]

NAPLAN Online In Action

NAPLAN Online: Even More Accurate

Today ACARA released its National Assessment and Surveys Online Program: tailored test design 2013 study. The study explores how online testing can be structured in ways to make it even more accurate than the existing pencil and paper tests.   NAPLAN Online ACARA has been exploring how NAPLAN can be moved online since 2012. The […]


2014 NAPLAN Results Released: What Do They Show?

Today, ACARA released its preliminary summary of the 2014 NAPLAN results. Here’s what they showed. THE GOOD Reading results improved for students in Year 3 & 5 from 2008-2013. These improvements have been maintained in 2014. Results for grammar & punctuation improved for students in Year 3 & 7 from 2008-2013. These improvements have been […]

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